About Us

About Us


With over two decades in the building and construction industry, Brian Moser brings experience and sensibilities that few other business owners can. As a “Jack of all trades,” he started at the bottom and has experienced every nuance of the construction industry as he rose through the ranks.

Brian began his work in construction at an early age in Philadelphia. Even in his youth, he recognized the importance of not just getting a job done, but doing it the right way. And he also learned early on that the only way to know the “right” way to do a job was to listen carefully to customers’ needs. It was a lesson he carries with him to this day.

After relocating to Northern Virginia, Brian established Dream Builders of Virginia, LLC, a premier developer of custom luxury homes. He is proud of his ability to blend his customers’ wishes with his own creativity and expertise to design properties his customers are excited to come home to every day. He is also, unfailingly, a man of his word. He always keeps his promises and won’t rest until his customers are overjoyed with the results.

Brian doesn’t just build homes, he builds relationships. He enjoys establishing personal connections with his customers, subcontractors, and community. One testament to his standing among his peers: The majority of his subcontractors have worked with him for 15+ years in a variety of trades.

Most importantly, Brian is unwaveringly committed to his family*. This devotion helps him stay laser-focused on the true value of his gift – being able to create homes that happy families can truly call their own.

About Us

“Either a building is part of a place or it is not. Once that kinship is there, time will only make it stronger.”
― Willa Cather

Making Your Dream Home a Reality

If you believe you deserve more than just a house, we believe you deserve more than just a contractor.

Dream Builders of Virginia has delivered luxury, high-end construction, remodeling, and addition projects since XX. As a certified Class A builder and general contracting firm, we make sure your new home or improvement project gets the personal, dedicated attention it deserves – from initial concept design through final inspection.

Our proven project team includes experienced designers, architects, and builders who specialize in high-end, custom residential construction projects. Our services range from stunning new homes built to your specs, to remodeled kitchens, value-adding additions, reenvisioned closets and storage solutions, and much more. If you can dream it, we can build it.

And we manage it all through a single point of contact, so you always know where to call no matter the question.

Why a Class A Builder?

Engaging a Virginia-licensed Class A builder for your construction project is a critical first step toward making sure your dream home doesn’t turn into a costly nightmare.

Improperly licensed contractors introduce unwanted risks into your project. They may not be able to secure the permits you need, which can lead to frustrating delays. They are also more likely to deliver sub-standard work, which a more qualified contractor will have to fix later. And worst of all, unlicensed contractors may prove to be unscrupulous by artificially inflating your costs or even abandoning projects before they’re done.

As a certified Class A building firm, Dream Builders of Virginia alleviates these fears and offers not only luxury homes, but the luxury of peace of mind. Our Class A certification means that we have demonstrable experience delivering great projects, we’re licensed to work on projects of any monetary value, and we’ve passed all appropriate state-required exams (e.g., general, advanced, law, and various specialty exams). These courses cover industry and business-related topics, plus relevant state regulations, statutes, and requirements.